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Last year, for Christmas, I got a really nice Breville juicer from my MIL, and we maybe pulled it out of the cabinet one or two times to make juice this year ::embarrassed::. She even gave me this really cool book with hundreds of juice and smoothie recipes. They all look SO good, and I really *wanted* to make juice, but I just didn’t really know exactly how. I was kind of afraid of messing it up. I mean, the point of juicing is to get vitamins and nutrients, and to make really delicious and healthy drinks. My mom makes these crazy juices with all sorts of weird veggies like Swiss Chard and bok choy. :-/ I thought for sure that when I tried my first juice it was going to taste like a cross between oranges and wet baby diapers. And this was definitely NOT something I wanted to consume.

But finally I decided to dive in and just try it, because you’ll never know unless you try, right?

And let me tell you, my juice, despite having swiss chard, spinach, AND kale, did NOT taste a thing like wet baby diapers. Ohhhh no, quite the contrary. My first juice had the most wonderful sweet and tangy flavor. You couldn’t taste the bitterness of the greens at all, but they were in there, on yes they were. I saw them go in, and yet… all I could taste is the tangyness of the orange, and the sweetness of the strawberries and carrots. All in all, my first juice was a raving success, and I’m hooked.

Pumpkin Pie Green Monster

Pumpkin Pie Green Monster

Pumpkin Pie Green Monster

Pumpkin Pie Green Monster

Pumpkin Pie Green Monster

Pumpkin Pie Green Monster

Which is why for November, juicing is my favorite thing! I’m so addicted to juicing that I now make sure to get up extra early in the am to make a big 32oz batch of fresh juice. I drink a big glass of it on my way to work, and feel full and satiated until lunch time!! No joke. I’m not sure how long the juice will keep in the fridge, so I only let it sit 24 hours. I also drink juice with lunch. I’m planning on trying a ton of different recipes, and I’m sure some will tank, like my fist attempt…

Meet, my first Green Monster.

I actually made this before I decided to pull out my Breville. I found the recipe on my new fav blog, Oh She Glows, and decided to give it a try. Since its fall here in CT, and I’m totally all about the pumpkin flavors, I though her Pumpkin Green Monster sounded particularly delectable, however, I was soooooo very wrong. I think its a personal thing, but I can not eat canned pumpkin without cooking or baking it. The taste just gets to me. I didn’t really figure this out, however, until I made a giant batch of this green monster. I think if you like to eat cooked down pumpkin or canned pumpkin straight up, you’ll probably really like this recipe, but I just about gagged drinking this thing. If you think this is something you might want to give a whirl, you can find the original recipe here from Angela’s website, The Green Monster Movement, and here is my modified version:

3 C spinach (lightly steamed)
1 C almond milk (or any milk of your choice)
1/3 C canned pumpkin
1/2 tbsp cinnamon
pinch nutmet
pinch pumpkin pie spice
2 crushed graham crackers
1 frozen banana
1 tbsp chia seeds
a few ice cubes

Add all to a blender, and blend away until at the desired consistency. I blended mine for probably around 3-5 minutes to get it really smooth and creamy. Let me know what you think, if you make one!

Pumpkin Pie Green Monster

Pumpkin Pie Green Monster

After that tank, I discovered my love for juicing, and now, I much prefer my Breville for a big batch of fresh juice because I’m consuming a huge amount of fresh veggies which are providing my body and mind with all of the essential vitamins and nutrients that I need. And that is what it’s all about! I haven’t given up on the Green Monster though, and I think if I skip the canned pumpkin flavors, and make more traditional flavors, like peanut butter banana, choco mint, and the like, I’ll really end up liking these too!

Have you ever tried juicing? Do you have a favorite recipe?? Post about it in the comments below, and I’ll share some of my favorite recipes as I try more and more flavors! Don’t be shy :)

** If you’d like to see some of my other favorite things, you can click on the category “favorite things” under the title of this post, or just click here. :)

  1. Megan -

    Just got my Breville juicer today. Seriously so excited to make my first juice after watching Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead.

    Love the post and pictures!

  2. Bethany -

    My first juice this morning was great!! Tomorrow I’m going to do spinach, turnip, parsnip, carrots, swiss chard, an orange, and maybe a few strawberries! I’ll let you know how the turnip and parsnip are :)

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