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Thanks for stoping by! That's me, and my super cute and spunky 1 year old, Nora. When we're not laying on the floor taking selfies, we also like to bake, take lots of pretty photos, and practice yoga. Aside from posting way too many pictures of Nora on instagram, I also take pretty wedding picures and make pretty baby items. So browse around, and keep up with all the latest.
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I was recently introduced to Pinterst.com and to say I’m addicted is an understatement. I’ve been saving pictures to my desktop and clipping magazines since I could hold a pair of scissors; keeping these sources of inspiration and creativity in a neat and orderly place so that I could go back to them and create something of my own. Pinterest makes this 1000x easier! Not only can you save a picture right from the website you are on to come back to later (how many times have you navigated away from a page only to say later, “what was that website with that incredibly awesome pic of that dress??!?!”), but when you use the Pin it applet on your web browser, it links back to the original source of the image, too! This serves as two really valuable resources, in my opinion:

1. You can finally go back to that website/blog *easily* and see all of the how’s and where’s and when’s of your inspiration image (maybe a DIY craft, or a pretty braided up-do that you’re dying to try for your next big night out) without having a million bookmarks in your browser, or sending yourself a million emails with links (or am I the only one who does that??).

AND 2,

It CREDIT’S the owner of that image. You get linked RIGHT to their website, where you can search and explore tons of other amazing DIY crafts, recipes, or really pretty braided up-do’s. This is huge for me, because as a photographer, I really like to give credit where credit is due, and I really want to know how you did that pretty braided up-do!! I have weddings that I’m attending (as a bridesmaid no less!!) and I need to do my hair up all nice and junk.

I think Pinterest is a great source of creativity and inspiration, and can be really useful for everyone, photographer or not! I know I like to print off a million recipes that I’m curious to try. Why waste all that paper, when I can just pin it to my “Delicious!” board, come back to it when I’m ready to try it, and save a tree!!? Its awesome.


Speaking of my “delicious!” board, this is my favorite board to pin too because I’m a total chocoholic, and I’m constantly looking at chocolate cake recipes online… it’s kind of one of my favorite pastimes. It’s kind of a running joke in my family that I look up chocolate cake recipes like a 15 year old boy would look up … well, you get the idea. ;)

You can follow me on Pinterst here, and if you’re on Pinterest, please leave a note in the comments and link to your Pinterst page so I can follow you too!! Happy Pinning :)

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  1. Ummm that chocolate board is making me drool! How embarrassing! :)

    Love you!

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