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Thanks for stoping by! That's me, and my super cute and spunky 1 year old, Nora. When we're not laying on the floor taking selfies, we also like to bake, take lots of pretty photos, and practice yoga. Aside from posting way too many pictures of Nora on instagram, I also take pretty wedding picures and make pretty baby items. So browse around, and keep up with all the latest.
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Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve had this incredible urge to make things. If I saw something in a store that I really really wanted, when we got home later on, I’d sneak into my mom’s craft room and try and make it. Backpacks, skirts, barbie cloths. You name it, I tried to make it. Even to this day, I make things whenever I can. I just like to craft.

So, yesterday, when I was cleaning out the hall closet for the 223,423,423,455th time, I realized I needed another shoe organizer. We already have a nice wooden one in there with little cubbies for shoes, but its filled to the brim. I’m talking 3-pairs-of-shoes-per-cubby filled.

So I went to write up a list of things I’d like to pick up from the store the next time I went out, and then thought, why not just make one? Which brought me to my favorite thing for October. As the weather (*tries*) to get cooler, one of my most favorite things to do this time of year is sew!

I whipped this little shoe cubby up in just a couple of hours, and although I could have just run to Wal-mart and bought one for probably 12$, there is something really gratifying when you make it instead. :) Now all my flip flops and flats have a happy home, and we have more room in the wooden cubby for the sneakers, boots, and all my fun high heels. Yea, I have too many shoes!

Sewing Project: Shoe Organizer

Sewing Project: Shoe Organizer

Sewing Project: Shoe Organizer

*Why, yes I made my shoe organizer out of cat fabric. Its really cute and I love it!*

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