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A short while ago, I attended a seminar hosted by Justin and Mary Marantz . It was an all day MARATHON of information for you and your business. They happen to be extremely amazing and wildly successful wedding photographers here in CT, but really, this seminar is for any business owner who wants to take hold of their career and really make it succeed. I mean *really.* Because, man have they lived. And man, have they experienced. And they are willing to take the time to [metaphorically] sit down with you and lay it all out. In black and white. Right there. And what they have to say is incredibly inspiring.

I get it now… who they are. Why they do what they do. And now… its so easy to see what makes them so successful. It isn’t a specific product that *they* buy and use. It isn’t a *specific* time of day or day of the week that they devote to their business that makes them rock. It isn’t something tangible. Nope, its something so much more important. Its their love. For each other, for their business, for what they photograph. And let me tell you, its inspiring.

Man I must sound like a sponsor for them or something right!? Honestly, I’m just that motivated and that inspired to take what I learned from them and infuse it into my business. I have a sneaking suspicion that it might make all the difference.

So what does a Spread the Love Seminar from Justin and Mary Marantz have to do with my Favorite Things for April? Nothing, really, except that they gave me a wake up call to probably my most favoritest thing in the whole wide world EVER. J. Crew

Part of J & M’s talk revolves around Lovemarks. If you don’t know what a Lovemark is, you should head over to Amazon (or your favorite book store) and pick up this book. Or if you’re particularly monetary challenged (like me at the moment), just google “Lovemarks.” You’ll get plenty of info there. :) And for those of you who just can’t stand to click away from my amazingly awesome post, in a nutshell, a Lovemark is simply, loyalty beyond reason. It’s why someone might drive 20 minutes out of her way and pass 3 dunkin donuts to buy a starbucks coffee every morning. It’s why someone might walk around an entire mall for 2 hours looking for a new pair of pants for a very important workshop only to find her self in J Crew, spending 3x as much for something she found in a handful of other stores but just didn’t purchase. Its a feeling.

Which brings me to my Favorite Thing for April. J. Crew. Yes, I walked around the Westfarms mall last week for 2 hours before purchasing a new pair of black pants for the workshop I attended (more on that to come later so stay tuned!). Yes, I spent probably 3x as much as I could have if I had just bought pants in H&M or Charlotte Russe. But did I care? No. Should I have? Maybe. But I didn’t. Because when I walk into J. Crew I like how I feel. I like that the store attendants greet you, but in a non pushy, non in-your-face kind of way. I like that someone was at the fitting rooms, just out of the way so as not to be intrusive, ready to grab me another size because the pair I tried on didn’t fit right. I like that they wrap your purchase up in soft tissue paper and seal it with a nice J. Crew sticker before gently placing it in your *paper* shopping bag (huge for me, I’m all about the environment!). I like how I feel when I shop there. And therefore, I have a Lovemark with J. Crew. Reason would say, go spend a third on pants at H&M, but my Lovemark for J. Crew keeps me coming back. How’s that for marketing? I think its pretty damn genius.

So tell me, what are your Lovemarks? Where do you feel loyal, beyond reason?

  1. Mikkel -

    Great post! And I happen to be wearing a J Crew shirt today. I’ll have to check out Lovemarks!

    • Michelle -

      Thanks Mikkel! Its a really neat concept, one that I think really makes sense for photographers!

  2. Sarah -

    Enjoyed your post and thanks for writing about Lovemarks. You should submit your Lovemarks story on J.Crew at http://www.lovemarks.com/index.php?pageID=20015&lovemarkid=389. We’d love to have your story on the J.Crew page.

    • Michelle -

      Thanks for reading! I will definitely post my Lovemarks story on the J.Crew page!

  3. Bethany -

    ok, so i only drive past two dunkies on my way to starbucks, but it still looks like you caught me…i <3 it…sigh!

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