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Today I’m 21 weeks pregnant with our little girl Nora, and sometimes, I can’t believe how fast this time has gone. We’re now into the 2nd half of this pregnancy, and October is coming fast!! :) I’ve been documenting, in a notebook, all of the milestones, feelings, symptoms, and up’s and down’s of this pregnancy so far, and I plan to go back and create a journal of sorts (when I have some free time… ha!) to remember it all. For now, I’ve been snapping pictures where I can, and keeping my notes in a little pink (how appropriate!) notebook that I keep in my bag, so that if something huge happens (like, feeling her kick/move around for the first time on Wednesday, May 1st), I can write it down and make sure not to miss a single amazing experience!

21 Weeks

As I sit here and think about the last 20 weeks, I can’t help but feel overwhelmed with just how blessed Greg and I are. I mean, we’ve created this life, its growing and thriving, and in another 20 or so weeks (theoretically) we’ll meet this little peanut. It’s amazing. It’s also amazing how right and perfect this all feels. I wont lie, before we decided to start a family, both Greg and I had serious thoughts about becoming parents, and what that would mean for us. We’ve been together for 8 years now, and it’s been just the two of us for most of that time.

When we adopted Vespa & Leo, sure, our lives changed a bit. We were now responsible for keeping two cats alive, but that’s easy. A baby represents a whole new and challenging set of responsibilities. And we were questioning if that was something we were ever going to be ready for.

Making the decision to go ahead and start our family was scary at first, because that meant making a lot of changes in our life to make sure our kids have the best that they possibly can. We know how we want to raise our kids, what we want to do to be the best parents we can be, and what we have to change about our lifestyle in order to achieve that. And it’s a big change. But we feel so ready, so excited, and so right about it all. And that is an amazing thing!

In other fun news, I thought it would be neat to journal out how my first half (and specifically first trimester) was. Lot’s of women write down their experiences by answering fun questions about their pregnancy, and I think it’s cool to see how different and unique each pregnancy is. Mine has been so different from how I thought it would have been, which just goes to show you, you really can’t base your future experiences on what other people have experienced when it comes to pregnancy. It’s just SO variable! Check out how my experience has been so far:

*When is your due date?
– October 17th, 2013

*What week are you in?
– Started my 21st week today

*How much have you gained so far?
– About 14 lbs

*What was your first symptom?
– Bigger boobs. lol

*Weirdest pregnancy symptom so far?
– I’ve had an increase of saliva production since about the 8th week. Like, I seriously spit into a sink anytime I can because there’s so much there. It’s so gross and I had no idea this was even a possibility in pregnancy! It makes the nausea worse too :(

*Have you had an ultrasound?
– 3 so far, maybe 1 more before delivery!

*Are you in maternity clothes yet?
– Yes, I was quite surprised to find out that my pants and shorts stopped fitting very early on. I haven’t worn pants since February.

*Is it a boy or a girl?
– Team pink!

*Do you have a name picked out? What?
– Nora [something]

*Is the child being named after someone?
– Yes. A cat we saw 4 years ago when we were adopting Vespa & Leo… don’t laugh.

*How are you sleeping through night still?
– Not anymore, due to my sore hip :(

*Any aches/pains yet?
– See above

*Do you have stretch marks?
– I’ve always had stretch marks on my hips and boobs. lol. But they aren’t getting worse because my awesome hubby got me Burt’s Bees Belly Butter cream and I put it on every day (most likely it isn’t doing anything, but I like to pretend)

*Belly button in or out?
– In, and I hope it stays that way…

*Are your hands and feet swelling at all?
– Only the usual amount for this time of year

*Any food cravings?
– I’ve had cravings for buffalo chicken, and mustard. Like, from out of the yellow squeeze bottle. Don’t judge me.

*Anything you loved before that you absolutely cannot eat anymore?
– In the first trimester, dairy made me so nauseous! But I can thankfully eat it in small quantities again, now that the nausea has subsided a bit :) I can’t eat wheat (gluten probably) because it makes me really sick… kind of like an intolerance. Boo :(

*Have you felt any movement yet?
– Yes, I felt it for the first time on Wednesday, May 1st, when I was just 15w6d! It honestly felt like my uterus twitched… much like your eye would… but I just knew it was her!

*Sum up your experience so far
– When you haven’t experienced something before, you really don’t know what to expect. Earlier in this post, I talked about all the wonderful feelings I’ve felt since becoming pregnant, but let’s face it, pregnancy isn’t always sunshine, lollipops and rainbows. Getting through the first trimester nausea and exhaustion was, at times, unbearable – never mind the extreme bloating, the food aversions, and breaking out in pretty bad acne. There were weeks in February and March where I would wake up, go to work, come home and lie on the couch like a helpless child (Greg was amazing at taking care of me, making sure I ate at least a little bit of dinner, and got me water when I was too tired and sick to get up and get it myself) because I was just so tired and felt awful. Although I never threw up ::knock on wood::, my nausea was really bad, and it started pretty early, at 5w3d, and really hasn’t fully gone away, even at 21 weeks. I was surprised by that because almost everyone says that the nausea went away once they hit their second trimester, and that has not been the case for me. But I will say that it’s a lot better than it was, and I think I’ve also learned how to manage and handle the uncomfort of nausea a lot better as the weeks went on.

The biggest thing I learned when dealing with the less glorious side of pregnancy is that you have to stop waiting for this or that to happen and just live your life. I got caught up in the “once I reach the second trimester, I’ll [fill in the blank]…” and I basically stopped living. I didn’t cook, I didn’t clean… my laundry situation was, let’s just say, out of control… The only thing I focused on was making it into the 2nd trimester, where I thought magically everything would just be perfect and I’d feel so magical and 10000x better. And you know what? I do feel better, but I still feel tired sometimes, I still feel nauseous or just generally kind of yucky. But you have to push through that stuff and enjoy what is going on around you. That has been my biggest struggle and my biggest ah-hah! moment.

I’m now excited for the next half of this pregnancy, to get the nursery ready, to make her cloth diapers, to make a quilt for her to sit on and play on and even puke on. And even if I feel nauseous while doing all that, so what? It’ll all be worth it in the end.

  1. Aunt M -

    i.love.her. <3
    and you. and am so proud of you and the mother you will become. cant wait to meet her!

    • Michelle -

      Thanks melis!! I learn from the very best! <3

  2. Bethany -

    Auntie B is beyond thrilled for you and Greg and I just cannot wat for baby Nora to arrive!!! I’m so proud of you and can’t wait to watch you become the most wonderful mom out there <3

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