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My first week of the 10 week workout challenge went pretty well! I really wanted to focus on just getting into a routine of getting up before work, and spending 30 minutes each morning focusing on my workout. And I did really well! Greg even came for a jog for me on Saturday, which was so nice!

Here’s what my week broke down to:

*Monday: Rest day
*Tuesday: Yoga 25 minutes (online videos found browsing youtube).
*Wednesday: Elliptical 25 minutes. .8 miles, 150 avg. heart rate, 278 cals burned.
*Thursday: Whittle My Middle Core workout: planks, side planks, and squats 20 minutes.
*Friday: Yoga 36 minutes, DVD – Crunch Perfect Yoga Workout.
*Saturday: Running 3.51 miles (with Greg!) 10 min/mile pace, 368 cals burned.
*Sunday: Planned to run another 3.5 miles, but time got away from me and I ended up skipping this day, so instead I took the usual rest day from week 2 (Monday) and ran on Monday (Nov. 7) instead.

My thoughts: The yoga was AWESOME! I have only done yoga here and there a few times, but during week1 I actually followed a DVD that I found on Amazon, called Crunch The Perfect Yoga Workout.

I really liked it and plan on adding more days of yoga to the routine over the next weeks, especially after my cardio workouts. It’s a great way to get in stretching, which I tend to neglect because I find stretching so boring. I also, of course, felt great running again and plan to keep my schedule of running on Saturday and Sunday.

Other random musings:

I started juicing (stay tuned for a post on this really soon!!), and I LOVE IT. I got a Breville juicer for christmas last year and I’m embarrassed to say, since then we’ve used it maybe twice. BUT That’s all going to change. Today, I made a big batch of fresh juice that consisted of: kale, Swiss chard, spinach, strawberries, blueberries, sweet potato, apple, orange, banana, carrots, and beet (plus stem and leaves). Sounds totally crazy and gross right? IT WAS SO GOOD. Like, I want to go make another batch right now and drink it all. It made just about 32oz. and I drank 1/3 for breakfast and have been stuffed ever since. This stuff is nutritious and filling. <3 I think this will be a great post workout drink and I really hope to make juice every morning! I’m also experimenting with one day old juice. I know the vitamins start to breakdown as the juice sits, so I don’t want to leave it too long, but I know it would save me so much time to be able to make a couple of servings at once. We’ll see how that goes tomorrow morning! :)

Wish me luck this week, now that day light savings has ended, its dark and dreary and I’ll need all the motivation I can get to keep this workout challenge going strong.

How do you stay motivated to keep working out in the fall and winter, when its cold and dark and dreary?? I’d love some advice :)

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