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Week 2 of my 10 week workout challenge FLEW by! I mean, it’s already Monday of week 3! I was SO incredibly glad that I had today off. Monday’s are my day off from working out, and when I decided to star this 10 week workout challenge, I figured if I felt so inclined, I would probably do some yoga on my off day, if anything. But I really needed today to rest. I’ve been waking up at 6/6:30 every morning and going to bed at around 11. It’s not enough sleep, and I really had to catch up this morning. For the next 7 weeks in this challenge (and really from here on out), I’m going to focus on getting 8 hours of sleep each night. I’m definitely one of those people that needs 8. Some need less, some need more. I need 8. I just feel so much more alert, and overall just “better” when I get 8 hours. This past week has been littered with 6 hour sleep nights, and I could really feel it all week. I even fell asleep on my friends Betho and Catherine Saturday night while we were watching Miracle on 34th st.

My workout week recap:

*Monday: Running 3.51 miles at 10:33 min/mile pace, 373 cals burned.
Yoga 35 minutes, DVD – Crunch Perfect Yoga Workout.
*Tuesday: Yoga 35 minutes, DVD – Crunch Perfect Yoga Workout.
*Wednesday: Elliptical 30 minutes. .95 miles, 161 avg. heart rate, 358 cals burned.
*Thursday: Whittle My Middle Core workout: planks, side planks, Yoga online videos 20 minutes.
*Friday: Running 3.51 miles (with Betho!) 9:56 min/mile pace, 366 cals burned.
*Saturday: Yoga 35 minutes, DVD – Crunch Perfect Yoga Workout.
*Sunday: Running 2.8 miles (with Greg!), 9:37 min/mile pace, 294 cals burned.

Every day this week I was tired and felt just generally drained by the end of the day (8pm.) I could barely stay awake some nights. However, yoga is getting easier and I can already feel my legs becoming more limber and loose, which is awesome. My hips hurt a lot less too, which is nice. As I get older, my joints, especially my hips become stiff if I sit too long is an awkward position, and the yoga is really helping my joints feel so much better. I love it!

I also had my best pace for running this week at 9:33 min/mile. In my prime, I used to run around a 7:30 – 8 min/mile pace, and I’d really like to get closer to that! I’m on my way, and I’ll be focusing on that this weekend.

I’ve also realized that juicing is *expensive*!!! I love my juice so much that I was making my 32 oz. in the morning and drinking 24 oz in one day. ONE day! Yikes. Unfortunately, as the weather is cold here, most fruits and veggies are out of season, making them very expensive. So, I have to bring that down to probably around 12 oz. a day, in order to not drive Greg and I out of house and home. We’re actively price shopping now, looking for the best deals (while still trying to buy as many organic veggies and fruits as I can!). If you know of any killer deals on greens, sweet potatoes, and berries and apples, let me know!

Week 3 looks like it’ll be an awesome one, so stay tuned to find out if I can beat my running pace, and continue to work on my Yoga poses!! :)

  1. So inspiring Michelle!! Rock it out, girl!


    • Michelle -

      Thanks Mary!! :)

  2. Megan -

    Michelle – this is awesome! I’m getting my juicer today and am SO excited to start. I’ve been thinking about where to get good prices on fruit and veggies and I think it may be worth checking out Costco or another buy-in-bulk type place.

    Keep up the great work with your workouts!

    • Michelle -

      That’s awesome Megan! Let me know how you like it! Seriously, I’m addicted. It takes me like 30 mins in the morning to juice, but I don’t even care that I have to wake up that much earlier. I tried walmart for groceries, and I think it was a bit cheaper, but that’s a great idea to try the bulk wearhouses! I have a membership to BJ’s! Thanks for the tip :)

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