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All I can say is, thank god it’s Monday. Which is weird, because Monday’s mean the beginning of another week… back to the daily grind. But I got to bed late, and I didn’t have to get up early to workout today because today is my rest day. And thank god for that. Rest. Ahhhhhhh. If only I had gotten enough!

If you missed my previous recaps for my 10 Week Challenge, you can read them here:
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My goal of getting more sleep didn’t really pan out in week 3, so I will be repeating this goal this week. I’m not hopeful though, because this week is Thanksgiving and That usually means a house FULL of family, including my 2 year old nephew. Sleep? Not so much this week! But I’ll try.

I’m also considering adding in one more day of cardio, as my run on Saturday was extremely tough and I feel like I’m not building up enough stamina only getting 3 days of cardio a week. Greg runs with me on the weekends and he literally doesn’t even get out of breath, whereas I can’t get rid of the stitches in my side for the life of me! Sunday, however, was a much better run, and I had my best time of a 9:08 min/mile run! So, we’ll see.

My recap for week 3 looks a little like this:

*Monday: Rest day
*Tuesday: Yoga 36 minutes, DVD – Crunch Perfect Yoga Workout.
*Wednesday: Elliptical 25 minutes. .78 miles, 164 avg. heart rate, 301 cals burned.
*Thursday: Whittle My Middle Core workout: planks, side planks, and squats 20 minutes.
*Friday: Yoga 36 minutes, DVD – Crunch Perfect Yoga Workout.
*Saturday: Running 3.51 miles (with Greg!) 9:59 min/mile pace, 362 cals burned. Yoga 36 minutes, DVD – Crunch Perfect Yoga Workout.
*Sunday: Running 3.51 miles (with Greg!) 9:08 min/mile pace, 365 cals burned. Yoga 36 minutes, DVD – Crunch Perfect Yoga Workout.

For week 4, I’d like to add in more water consumption. I’ve noticed that I’ve really fallen off the hydration wagon, and I can be better then that, so I’m actively trying to drink around 64 oz a day for week 4. And we’ll see about adding in another day of cardio… depending on how much turkey I eat this Thursday!

Here’s to a turkey filled week 4! Who else is ridiculously excited for Thanksgiving this week? I’m hoping to squeeze in my workouts in between all of the eating, game playing, and movie watching we have planned for the week and weekend. :)

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