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Thanks for stoping by! That's me, and my super cute and spunky 1 year old, Nora. When we're not laying on the floor taking selfies, we also like to bake, take lots of pretty photos, and practice yoga. Aside from posting way too many pictures of Nora on instagram, I also take pretty wedding picures and make pretty baby items. So browse around, and keep up with all the latest.
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Well, week 4 was a huge fail for me. With hosting Thanksgiving for 12 people including my 2 year old nephew, housing a house full of people for a week, and eating copious amounts of left overs for 4 days straight, there was just not much time for anything else. I managed to do some Yoga on Tuesday night with my nephew. It consisted of him sitting on my head as I rested between cobra and climbing up my legs as I tried to do downward dog. It was ridiculously cute, nonetheless.

So, I decided to redo week 4 this week, and pretend that last week just didn’t happen. Or maybe just pretend that last week was a rest in between weeks 3 & 4, because let’s face it, you never want to pretend that Thanksgiving didn’t happen… I mean, it’s just one of the best times of the year!

Speaking of Thanksgiving, I never got a chance to jump on here and wish everyone a happy one, so better late then never! A [belated] Happy Thanksgiving to everyone! Here’s to a better week “4” this week!! And make sure to catch up on my other weeks, follow along as I get back into shape!! : Week 1, Week 2, and Week 3.

Thanksgiving 2011 Whoopie Pies

Why yes, those are pumpkin whoopie pies! :D And they were delicious!!!

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