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Ok, here’s my summary of my redo from Week 4 of my 10 week workout challenge. And don’t forget to check out the intro, and Weeks 1, 2, and 3 for the whole journey!

Let’s just say it was a better attempt then my first run, but still nothing to brag about… :/ But hey, I’m only human, and I’m more motivated then ever to really get back on track!

*Monday: Rest day
*Tuesday: Yoga 36 minutes, DVD – Crunch Perfect Yoga Workout.
*Wednesday: I usually do the Elliptical but we moved it into our bedroom during Thanksgiving to make room for all of our house guests, and we didn’t get a chance to move it back, so I skipped it and instead, did more yoga! When in doubt, do yoga <3. Yoga 36 minutes, DVD – Crunch Perfect Yoga Workout
*Thursday: Yoga 41 minutes, DVD – Crunch Fat Burning Yoga Workout.
*Friday: Yoga 36 minutes, DVD – Crunch Perfect Yoga Workout.
*Saturday: I really *really* wanted to run this weekend. I even brought cloths with me to my parents house for the weekend. WE just didn’t get around to it. BUT I did rake a bagillion leaves in my brother and SIL’s yard, and that was definitely a lot of work. So I’ll take it.
*Sunday: Skipped working out to sew pillows. OH well, it happens.

So, overall, I got in really no cardio, and the weekend was a complete flop.

But, week 5 is already a better week (geeze, its already Wednesday!), so I can say that week 4 was just a weird, crazy week that just wasn’t working for me. I’d rather move on then dwell on it.

I finally went food shopping again, and was able to juice this morning, so week 5 is going to be awesome! Now if I can just make sure to get my runs in, I’ll be golden and right back on track. Wish me luck!

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