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Thanks for stoping by! That's me, and my super cute and spunky 1 year old, Nora. When we're not laying on the floor taking selfies, we also like to bake, take lots of pretty photos, and practice yoga. Aside from posting way too many pictures of Nora on instagram, I also take pretty wedding picures and make pretty baby items. So browse around, and keep up with all the latest.
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June is a busy month, with birthdays and father’s day to celebrate between Greg’s family and mine, so I find myself doing a lot of baking this time of year. Note: a lot of baking for me is probably nothing for the average person. I LOVE to bake, but just don’t do it often. This past weekend, we owed Greg’s mom a cake for her birthday, which was a few days ago. Unfortunately, Greg tried to make a chocolate cake and it “failed miserably” (his words, not mine!!). I think his downfall was substituting chocolate bars for cocoa powder… good idea, but the conversion didn’t translate.

So, I sat down and googled recipes until I found one that seemed easy, yet really delicious. Enter Godiva. ::angels singing::

Who doesn’t love Godiva? They have a TON of really delicious looking recipes on their website; some use cocoa powder, and some use bars of chocolate. We really wanted to try and make the chocolate bars work, as we only have Hershey’s cocoa powder and well… we wanted something a bit more… “luxury.”

I finally settled on this recipe, and a couple of hours later, we had one tasty looking cake.

Some notes: From the last attempt, we had some Ghirardelli’s chocolate left over, and our grocery store didn’t have dark Godiva chocolate bars, so we mostly used the Ghirardelli’s.

Greg made a delicious raspberry coulis, but we forgot to bring it with us to dress up the cake :( We DID try it tonight with the last bits of cake that were left over from this weekend, and I have to say, it really *does* make the cake!

We used a mix of milk chocolate and dark chocolate for the ganache, but I think it would be best to use dark chocolate – the milk seemed to stay thinner then the dark.

I didn’t exactly read the directions – it called for one 10″ pan, and I used two 8″ pans… it then had you put the cooled cake back into the 10″ pan with saran wrap, so you can pour the ganache on top, and cool it to harden. So, we improvised and just poured the semi-hard ganache on the top and let it drip down the sides. Not the prettiest cake in the world, but it sure was delicious!

Vespa and Leo were great helpers!

  1. jen -

    Oh wow…I’m a chocoholic and that looks amazingly delicious!

    • Michelle -

      It really was!! Highly recommended :)

  2. Jane -

    The photography is exquisite. Going to try the recipe, too–chocolate and raspberry combo is a fave.

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